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Jesolo Golf Club

The gaze becomes more acute, the noise all around is dormant, the breath becomes calm for concentration... And then off, the blow! The emotion of seeing a golf ball that furrows the air and becomes a moving dot between sky and meadow is really exciting, anyone who loves this sport knows.

Just a few minutes from Hotel Orient & Pacific it stands a fabulous structure, known in the area and in the sector, the prestigious Golf Club of Jesolo. Along a total course of 6,397 metres, there are developed 18 holes in the wonderful site, carefully designed in its alternation of fairways, bunkers, greens and ponds.

Fun is guaranteed for both beginner and expert players, within a circuit that enchants the look in moments of pause and poses an exciting challenge when you have the stick in your hands. In short, the Jesolo Golf Club is just a few minutes from us, so the real question is: do you need a caddy, or take the bag for your own?

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