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Pista Azzurra

“Speed ​​is very pleasant, for its energy, strength, the life of that sensation. It actually arouses an almost infinite idea, sublimates the soul, strengthens it”. Said Giacomo Leopardi and, thinking about it, many of us will agree. Let's add cars always ready, modern security measures and specialised operators, and here the words of the Master recanatese can be rediscovered in all their practical charm within the fantastic Pista Azzurra for go-kart in Jesolo!

Less than 6 km away from our Hotel Orient & Pacific, going down the convenient Martin Luther King Avenue, there is a place that for over 50 years offers fun for adults and children. Put yourself in the roaring go-kart of Jesolo, and let yourself be led along a journey of intense emotions: you will be transported in an extraordinary path in which reflections, courage and anticipation of events are the foundations of a place where you can enjoy a moment of adrenaline avoiding risks and dangers.

If you love the challenge of speed, seize the opportunity!

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