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Burano is one of the most famous islands situated in the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon, near the island of Torcello. It is well known all around the world for the traditional production of lace and especially for its brightly coloured houses that fascinate tourists.

Do you know why there are so many colours? Legend has it that fishermen painted their houses with different colours in order to recognize them from a distance when they came back after a long fishing period. Red, yellow, pink, blue, green and violet… you will get lost among narrow streets and thousands of colours!

But what to see during your holiday in Burano? Here are some special tips!

First of all, you can’t miss to visit the Lace Museum, located inside the ancient Lace School that was founded in 1872, where you can admire a large collection of handmade lace objects in addition to watching the artisan techniques presented by the expert lace makers.

The church of San Martino is a real masterpiece of architecture but its most interesting characteristic is the presence of the leaning bell tower that tilts because of land subsidence.

Which is the most characteristic building of Burano? Definitely, “Casa di Bepi”! It is the house with the brightest colours on the island, decorated with many different geometric shapes and colours. You should definitely make a stop here and take a picture!          

Let yourself be surrounded by this magical atmosphere characterized by great calm and tranquillity. Hotel Orient & Pacific is the perfect starting point for your holiday here because is located in Jesolo on the Adriatic coast near the Venetian lagoon and the island of Burano. Book now your holiday and discover the beauties of Burano!        

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