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Murano is one of the most famous islands of the Venetian Lagoon thanks to the production of objects, sculptures and works of art with the traditional hand glass-blowing method. Many laboratories are still spread throughout the island where tourists can admire the original glass-blowing technique that has been passed down from generation to generation and buy the precious creations handmade by local craftsmen.

Every day hundreds of tourists visit Murano during their holidays in the Venetian Lagoon, but why is this island so special? Let’s discover together all the things that you can see here during your trip.

First of all, you can’t miss the visit to the Glass Museum! It is located inside Palazzo Giustinian and houses a large collection of glass artefacts and objects that traces seven centuries of history of this island, from the XIV century to the present time. Then, there are two famous cathedrals: the church of San Pietro Martire and the basilica of Santa Maria and San Donato, which are two important places of worship characterized by the presence of wonderful masterpieces such as ancient paintings of famous local artists and a mosaic floor decorated with animal figures.

After a stroll along the main street of Murano, called Fondamenta dei Vetrai, where you can admire all the shop windows and why not buying some glass souvenirs, we suggest watching a glass-blowing demonstration inside one the laboratories.

Hotel Orient & Pacific is the perfect starting point for your holiday here because is located in Jesolo on the Adriatic coast near the Venetian lagoon and the island of Murano. Book now your holiday and discover the beauties of Murano!  

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