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After months of hard work (what we have shared on our socials), here finally ready is the great novelty of the year 2016: our completely renewed swimming pool! A new experience in hotel Orient&Pacific for adults and young ones alike, very more than a swimming pool. The external area has been in fact widened and improved with many new services. To regenerate you, to relax you alone or in company, to allow your children to play in a secure and serene environment.

The swimming pool, is a constant 29°, has been realized with new and improved services and guaranteed for the guests lots of time to relax: cervical massages stations, a bunk and bench whirpool for a regenerating massage on all parts of the body.

The new and widened solarium zone is furnished with bunks and sun-umbrellas of well thought out design, or reserve some elegant gazebos for exclusive, even more comfort.

To top it off there is the small swimming pool which we added, for the children, where they can play, socialize and have a good time,while the parents are enjoying the marvelous sun of Jesolo.

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